Treatment process of harmless incinerator equipment

SUMMARY:When we deal with livestock, we are buried directly, some people are thrown away directly. These have adverse effects on the environment. If people contact with each other carelessly, they can cause zoonosis, so the current state is harmles...

   When we deal with livestock, we are buried directly, some people are thrown away directly. These have adverse effects on the environment. If people contact with each other carelessly, they can cause zoonosis, so the current state is harmless treatment, highly automatic operation is simple, there are no two pollution and pre crushing processes, harmless degreasing treatment process, drying, cooling, crushing, packaging waste gas and waste water treatment, etc. The treatment process of harmless incinerator equipment combines high-temperature sterilization technology and Biodegradation Technology, through decomposition, fermentation and drying, to finally form high-quality organic fertilizer. The whole process is divided into three stages. The first stage is harmless treatment equipment and other organic matter decomposition temperature of livestock and poultry carcasses, harmless treatment process and production of organic fertilizer raw materials. The second stage is to produce high quality organic fertilizer raw materials through high temperature sterilization and two times of organic fertilizer fermentation.
   The third stage is based on the high temperature drying treatment of the incinerator in the slaughterhouse. The whole process is carried out in a closed environment, which is simple, environmentally friendly, odorless, odorless and clean, without two pollution. The heating area is large, the temperature increases rapidly, and the treatment time of harmless incinerator equipment is greatly shortened. Equipped with safety valve, harmless treatment process, pressure controller and other safety devices, the product is safe and reliable. Energy saving and low daily operation cost. The product has simple structure and convenient operation. It is connected with steam boiler equipment and has no other energy consumption. The incinerator can be equipped with two-stage oil-water separation equipment. Designed and manufactured according to the national standards for boilers and pressure vessels. It has good corrosion resistance and good pressure resistance.
   The design of combustion chamber of combustion furnace with gasification incineration technology makes the temperature of combustion furnace exceed 200 ℃ to 400 ℃ rapidly in the process of incineration, without slag, clinker, sintering and other problems. There are gasifier, direct combustion furnace and other furnaces, because the mixed combustion chamber has double combustion furnace and annular burner air supply device, and the amount of dust is very small. Under the high temperature condition, the combustible gas in the flue gas can be completely burned, which can effectively mix the solid particles produced by the gasifier with the air flue gas, prevent the solid particles in the flue gas from escaping and delay the combustion.
   The tangential and tangential combustion air of the high temperature flue gas in the combustion chamber enters the combustion mode, the internal combustion gas can be burned and the flue gas dust can use the rotary flow, the flue gas residence time of the combustion furnace is more than 2 seconds, and the combustible gas in the flue gas and fly ash. Thoroughly clean the combustion. The upper part of the combustion and purification device in the furnace is provided with dry gas, which generates hydrogen chloride in the combustion process, adsorbs oxygen sulfur compounds in the flue gas, and decomposes odor and other components under high temperature. The flue gas purification system is equipped with calcium hydroxide filter brick and acid gas neutralization reaction to achieve the purpose of adsorption of acid gas and purification of waste gas. The automatic control process control of incinerator operation is adopted to reduce labor intensity. The door of incinerator and one ash cleaning door are designed in the form of fully sealed structure. The incinerator is completely isolated to form negative pressure combustion and eliminate the possibility of two pollutions, especially in the treatment of highly infectious waste, which can show its unique advantages.


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