Based on meeting the investment cost and operation cost of customers, provide solutions to thoroughly control pollutants and ecology

Jiangsu BAINA environmental protection equipment Co.,Ltd. is located in Gaocheng Town, Yixing City, which is a famous environmental protection town in China. Founded in 2007 and re registered in 2013, the company combines the R & D and production of solid, liquid and gas waste pollution control engineering and equipment, takes modern management as the core, satisfies the investment cost and operation cost of customers as the premise, provides a solution to thoroughly control pollutants and ecology, and uses heat storage oxidation, catalytic oxidation and other major processes to remove toxic and harmful substances in waste In order to meet the needs of social development, plasma oxidation, photocatalysis oxidation, microwave oxidation and other standard raising means should be supplemented. The exhaust emission should meet the requirements of national or European emission standards. At the same time, through continuous innovation, the furnace structure is novel and diverse, the operation stability is high, and the removal efficiency is as high as 99.9%.

Relying on the technical advantages of the engineering technology center, the company cooperates with Nanjing University, Zhejiang University and other colleges and universities, and employs several academicians as consultants to continuously study and conquer new environmental protection issues, so as to provide theoretical, practical and empirical guarantee for the company's solutions. The company has also formed a set of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights through continuous exchanges and cooperation with foreign professional environmental protection enterprises, especially Germany, drawing on 100 years of environmental protection experience and mature technology of developed countries, and continuous self-examination and innovation.


Integrity, Win-win, Down-to-earth

[Employment Concept]

Filial piety,Loyalty,Kindness,Pragmatism,Enterprising,Dedication and teamwork

[Business philosophy]

Treat customers with integrity,Pay attention to every project consistently,Hold a responsible heart forever

[Enterprise Spirit]

Pragmatic innovation, sustainable development,Keep pace with the times and strive for excellence

[Corporate Mission]

Focus on environmental protection and dare to challenge,Provide customers with the most appropriate solution,
It is our responsibility to do a good job in the details of safety,
environmental protection and energy conservation,Make unremitting efforts for the blue sky and clear water,
and for the common livable earth of mankind!


Make unremitting efforts for the blue sky environment, and contribute to the earth of our common sentence!




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